…….absolutely loving the products! In JUST 4 days….dramatic reduction of open pores on my face. No more absent-minded scratching at itchy, scaly skin on my arms, neck and shins…..its almost gone since using the soap and following with the Utopia cream. Spots on my neck have almost disappeared. The cupboard in the bathroom has also been cleansed – the “natural” products I thought I was using just dont compete with Eden Be Natural. Oh, and…..the bathroom smells amazing!
Helen, Cambridgeshire

“You may be interested to know how I multi task my Eden Be Natural products. Putting a capful of the cleansing oil in the bath has helped my spotty back massively. I also lie back and wet my hair in the oily water and then shampoo and wash out with clean water. I no longer need to use hair conditioner or wash my hair as often. I also use the face moisturisers as hand creams. The lovely lip balm doubles up as an eyelash balm on no make up days. My nan used to put vaseline on my lashes as a child to make them stick out and look shiny! What fantastic customer service!”
Victoria, Bristol

“Thank you so much for my first order of Beauty Spot Soap. It lathers up really well and doesnt seem to dry my skin. I hope it gets rid if my spots…whats that about at 33?? I love your ethics especially around palm oil, it makes a change not having to email a company to see if they have palm oil in their products! I love the monkey too and your logo! When my current moisturiser runs out, Ill definitely be ordering some more bits. Thanks again,”
Jennifer, Essex

“I have dry and itchy skin but since using Eden Be Natural soaps my skin has been much better. The Soap lathers really well down to the smallest piece, it really has made a difference. Also the soaps make excellent Christmas and Birthday presents!”
Jill, Lincolnshire

“I recently ordered a set of your products. I LOVE them. Gorgeous gorgeous products, and my skin is much much better already – even after a short time. I wish you very good luck with your company. I think you deserve to be a great success.”
Rachel, Isle of Wight

“I have used a few different Eden Be Natural products now and must say they are all beautiful! I love the way the soaps make my skin feel and they also make my bathroom smell gorgeous too. I recommend all the products to my family and friends. Thank you. ”
Emma, Lincolnshire

“After a life time of allergic reactions for my very dry and sensitive skin, I was a bit cautious when given a present of “soaps” for my birthday. But the selection I received both smelt and looked lovely, so I decided to have a “go”. Eden Be products are not only natural, fragrant yet kind and have a luxurious feel but more importantly they have improved my skin. After running out of the first batch, I was given some very expensive soaps available in the high street and it was catastophic. I went back to using Eden Be products, and the miracle happened again. I use ” Comfort and Joy” and it is worth every penny…my skin is better, my complexion is improved and no more itchy, flaky, uncomfortable skin! Perfect for me but also for the rest of my family, WE LOVE IT”
Gwen, Northamptonshire

“These soaps are truly gorgeous. I won’t use anything else again. I have always been unable to find soaps I can use as everything makes my skin itchy or tight and uncomfortable. These feel so lovely and my skin loves them… They also smell amazing, my favourite is Garden of Eden, my husband’s favourite is Minty Heaven. He is not supposed to use them(!) but he loves them too so I have to share now. I would recommend these beautiful products highly.”
Karen, Cambridgeshire

“I tried Eden be natural soaps and was delighted with the outcome. Not only does it smell lovely, but what ever variety you use the smell lasts a long time. My favourite is the mint and angel cake, also its soft and can be used all over the body, even the face, without drying your skin like some soaps. Its all made with natural ingredients, I would not use any other soap now after using Eden be natural, I would highly recommend it.”
Louise, Lincolnshire

“Purchased Peaks and Valleys face cream and I love it….”
Åsa, London

“I now have my Watermelon and Citrus Facial Sugar Scrub and Smile Never Changes Moisturiser, wow, what a difference in my skin, amazing products, thank you! My skin feels soft and healthy! For mature skin I have not found anything that comes close, so gentle and fresh! Lovely products, will be back for more!”
Andrea, Cambridgeshire