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Angel Cake – Natural Soap with Ylang Ylang & Patchouli



Product Description

Be swept off your feet with this romantic blend of organic Ylang Ylang, Rose Geranium, Patchouli and Clary Sage essential oils. Handmade, natural soap made with organic butters, oils and essential oils. Leaves skin, clean, soft and deliciously scented.

This soap is palm oil free.

Made in England.
Registered with the Vegan Society.
Product and ingredients not tested on animals.


When not in use, store in a dry soap dish to prevent melting and prolong the life of your product.
Weight: Approx. 100 grams.

Additional Information

Weight 100 g


100% natural ingredients

Organic Coconut Oil: Smoothes, softens and protects, removes dead skin cells.

Organic Olive Oil: Nourishes, softens and protects. Anti-inflammatory and packed with vitamins.

Organic Cocoa Butter: Soothing and repairing to dry, damaged skin.

Organic Shea Butter: Moisturising and nourishing, soothes sensitive skin, protects and heals dry, damaged skin, stimulates cell growth.

Organic Castor Oil: Absorbed slowly by the skin, deeply moisturising and cleansing.

Organic Ylang Ylang Essential Oil: Known for it’s aphrodisiac qualities and it’s balancing action on sebum production. Great for both dry and oily skin.

Organic Rose Geranium Essential Oil: Balances production of sebum, clears congested skin, working particularly well on oily and mature skin.

Organic Patchouli Essential oil: Considered to be an aphrodisiac, reduces wrinkles and open pores by toning and tightening the skin. Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, great for acne, cracked skin and eczema.

Organic Clary Sage Essential Oil: An aphrodisiac oil, suitable for most skin types, stimulating blood circulation and regulating hormonal imbalance.


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