About Us

Eden Be Natural is a family run company based in Lincolnshire. Founded and run by Suzanne, it all began in early 2010 after her search for good natural products that catered for her problem skin and which also addressed the needs of an adult skin type was unsuccessful and led her to stop using conventional products entirely. After many months of extensive research and the realisation that what goes in to many skincare products was perhaps contributing to her skin problems, she learnt to create her own skin care brand, naturally, specifically tailored to her own skin type and conditions. Quite quickly her skin began to clear of spots and blemishes and was softer, fresher and healthier looking.

And so the Eden Be Natural skincare range has evolved into what it is today – an entirely natural, organic alternative for many different skin types and conditions, you will only find 100% natural, recognisable, effective ingredients in our gorgeous range of products.

It has become quite clear to us here at Eden Be Natural that great skin is attainable naturally and easily and, over time, we have received many comments on how the soaps and other products combine to help with issues such as eczema, sore, itchy skin, spots and acne, scars and blemishes, dry skin, wrinkles and fine lines or simply to help create softer, fresher, healthier looking skin. We hope to offer an effective, natural alternative to you also, whatever your particular skin type or condition.

We believe that once you become accustomed to a simpler, alternative beauty regime, you too may experience the enormous benefits of entirely natural, organic skin care.

Our Ethics

All of our products are organic and 100% natural. We care for people, animals and our environment. All of our products are vegan, cruelty free, never tested on animals and do not contain any animal ingredients. Many of the farmers who produce the ingredients that we include in our products live in developing countries, and we support these local businesses and farming communities whenever possible. We do not use palm oil or ingredients from endangered plant species in any of our products and use recyclable packaging to present our lovely creations to you.